We sit down with every client to establish concept and design goals. IPA provides the latest designs and current technology using professional rendering software such as 20/20 Technologies, Computer-Aided Design (CAD), and Autodesk Revit Architecture. The design team creates complete mechanical and professional renderings to bring the client’s vision to life.


IPA is a distributor of every top brand in the hotel and restaurant industry. Create the perfect hotel room, food service outlet, professional laundry outlet, or restaurant with products such as commercial equipment, furniture, lighting fixtures, appliances, and so much more. As a supply leader in the hotel and restaurant industry, IPA takes pride in specializing in energy saving equipment.

Installation & Service

After the investment has been made, our installation and service providers travel throughout the Caribbean to ensure quality control and timeliness. Whether through consultation or providing individualized services, our goal is to keep your operation running smoothly. IPA is always available for support and to ensure the quality of products is maintained.


IPA Export services projects of all sizes. From tabletop supplies to building custom commercial kitchens, there’s no job too big or small. We provide our customers with individualized customer service backed by 30 years of experience. Learn how IPA can help upgrade your hotel or restaurant.

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What has made IPA stand out for over three decades? Outstanding customer service. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for each and every one of our customers. IPA has built its reputation on finding the best value for every budget. We strive to find the best quality products that offer the most innovative solutions for even the most demanding of projects.

Quality, Integrity, Excellence

IPA Export is dedicated to creating a vision of excellence for each of our customers. No project is too big or small.

Personalized Customer Support

Our knowledgable staff is ready to answer any questions or project inquiries. You can be sure that your project is handled quickly and efficiently.

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